Diverse Heritage Services provides support for part (or all) according to your budget and timescale:

Heritage Consultancy

Project planning and objectives consultancy, funding bids support, diverse audience marketing and networks.

Heritage Preservation

Archiving and collections preservation consultancy, storage consultancy, culture appropriation advice.

Research & Development tasks

Primary source research tasks, strategic planning research reports, oral history interviews and recordings, focus group consultancy.

Heritage Project Management

Content consultancy, entire project leadership, review report consultancy.

Audience Engagement Consultancy

Support to link with diverse /black and minority ethnic groups and networks, introduction to specified groups.

Presentations & Talks

Conference speaker invitations (national/international), schools/ universities speaker, presentations and lectures, online presentations, workshop facilitator, speaker consultancy/ mentoring.

History Broadcasting & media

Television programming consultancy, research for television programming, support with promotion and publicity within diverse communities, expert interviews, publishing.

African History Season/Black History Month events support & organisation

Event planning and consultancy, exhibitions and display loans, staff training, organisation/school/college/university workshops, educational resource development consultancy, artefacts loans, speaker workshops.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Consultancy

Strategic planning, mentoring & advice, bid writing support, staff and volunteer training by webinar, public engagement activity planning and support, evaluation services, resource advice.

Special Events

Official opening events, diverse product launch, official visits by overseas dignitaries’ consultancy .

Diverse Arts Production and Management Consultancy

Support heritage event planning, team building, content sources and interpretation.

Support with Diverse Exhibitions & Displays

Exhibitions planning and development, content collection and storage consultancy, diverse exhibition curating and design, diverse art creation/planning, project mentoring/advisory support.

Diverse Arts Production and Management Consultancy 

Create arts ideas, planning support and co-production services. 

Diverse Heritage Broadcasting & Media Production

Broadcast programme treatment consultant, digital heritage consultancy, presenting, archive and contemporary diverse image research, research support for broadcast, video and documentaries with diverse themes/topics, online social media consultancy, audio and podcasts consultancy, oral histories, audio transcription consultation services.

Diverse Heritage Literature and Publications

Support with online and print flyers content consultancy, booklets, books, newsletters content consultation services .

If you would like to discuss your project and how diverse heritage consultancy services can help you, simply complete the online form and a member of our dedicated team will get back to you with a free consultation and a quote for your needs.

What we do

We provide consultancy and practical services to help you preserve and share your story

Why we do it

We believe that recognising and celebrating experience are keys for learning and new developments

How we do it

Working in partnership with you creates success, your way

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