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Nottingham News Centre CIC is committed to ensuring everyone can use this website and have developed the site to suit different user needs. In this section, we explore ideas for making the site more accessible and at the end have listed links to more detailed information on different devices. Please get in touch if you have ideas for improving the accessibility of the site or if you have any other questions – we’d like to hear from you.


Introduction to the site

This site is about Nottingham News Centre CIC, a community interest company (social enterprise) founded in 2013 and aims to improve diversity, equality and inclusion through research, media production and education, to benefit local and global communities, plus the heritage and media sectors.

The site has five main sections to explore: Home, Diverse Heritage Services, Gallery, Profile and Contact. The ways you can access this website are explained below:

Speaking websites

There are a number of programmes available that enable your computer to talk to you.

Microsoft Windows comes with a basic screen reader called Narrator, which reads text on the screen aloud and describes some events (such as an error message appearing) that happen while you’re using the computer. You can find more information on how to use Narrator on the Microsoft website or at Narrator

There are also a number of Screen Reader programmes with more features, such as being able to read whole documents. Some of the most popular include:

NVDA NV Access

For Mac users, the Mac operating system also has a built-in speech to text function, which you can access by going to ‘System Preferences’ and ‘Accessibility’ to customise the computer to support your individual needs whether: vision, hearing, physical and motor, learning and literacy requirements.

Magnifying the screen

All recent versions of Microsoft Windows include magnification software. This allows you to greatly increase text size, although this will be restricted to only a small proportion of the screen. To use Windows magnifier, click on ‘Start’ then select ‘Programmes’ followed by ‘Accessories’ and ‘Magnifier’. You can then select the amount of magnification you want from the dialog box that will appear on screen.
For Mac users, you can select the screen magnifier option by going to ‘System Preferences’ then ‘Accessibility’ and select ‘Zoom’.

Making the mouse point bigger

You can increase the size of the mouse pointer on your screen. In Microsoft Windows you do this by clicking on ‘Start’ then selecting ‘Control Panel’ followed by ‘Hardware and Sound’ and ‘Devices and Printers’. You can then click on ‘Mouse’ followed by ‘Mouse Pointer Options’ and select any changes you want.

For Mac users, click on ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘Accessibility’ followed by ‘Pointer Control’ or ‘Mouse’ & ‘Trackpad’. You can then make the mouse pointer bigger by sliding the Cursor Size bar.

Slowing down the mouse speed

Some people find that it is easier to use a mouse at a slower speed. In Microsoft Windows, you can change this setting in the same way as you change the size of your mouse pointer. From the ‘Mouse Pointer Options’ menu just slide the ‘Select a pointer speed’ bar to slow or speed up the mouse.

For Mac users, from the ‘Mouse’ & ‘Trackpad’ menu you can use the ‘Tracking Speed’ slider bar to change the mouse speed.

Using the keyboard to move around a website

For people who are unable to use a mouse or trackpad, it is possible to navigate around a computer screen using different keystrokes on the keyboard.

There is further information on keyboard shortcuts on the Microsoft Windows website and on the Mac computers, ‘System Preferences’ and ‘Keyboard’. You can also find information on using the keyboard with different web browsers and other programmes in this RNIB guide.

More info for access on different devices

For more detailed guidance on how to increase accessibility and change how your device or web browser works, we recommend the following websites:

For information about accessibility options using a Windows PC see Windows Accessibility features

For information about accessibility options using an Apple PC see Apple accessibility for OSX

On an iPhone or iPad
For information about accessibility options using an iPhone see? Apple accessibility for ios

On an Android device
For information about accessibility options using an Android device see the Android accessibility help centre


With thanks to the Touring Exhibition Group. org for sharing this guidance to help others.

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