Diverse Heritage Consultancy

Services to help you design and develop, equality, diverse inclusive (EDI) projects. 

Diverse Heritage Project Management

Services to support the succesful planning, delivery and evaluation of your project. 

Diverse Heritage Content Management & Preservation

Services to manage and preserve your unique artefacts, costumes, digital & physical collections, content and exhibitions.

Research Tasks

Services to help find information and research data you are looking for.


Services to share your heritage content with local, national and global audiences through creative, broadcast media production (i.e. publications, podcasts, video, online content and tv broadcasting).

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Workshops & training for lifelong learning

Services for your organisation through bespoke staff training provision, talks, presentations, learning tutorials and professional development activities.

Culturally Diverse Exhibitions & Displays

Support provided:

  • Planning & layout
  • Curating
  • Installation ideas
  • Evaluation

Diverse Audience Engagement & Programming

Support provided:

  • Diverse programming ideas
  • Locating diverse audiences (marketing)
  • Recommendations for guest speakers & industry experts from diverse groups/communities
  • Support in understanding culturally sensitive terminology, expression and interpretation

About Us

Nottingham News Centre CIC is a leading Community Interest Company (i.e. social enterprise) founded in 2013 by executive director, Norma Jacqueline Gregory (MA, BA, PGCE, PG Cert.) in partnership with the board of directors, staff, volunteers and stakeholders.  Nottingham News Centre is based in the East Midlands, UK. 

We specialise in industrial heritage related, broadcast media creation with a special interest in informative and inspirational programming and creative arts relating to diverse/ Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) experience and related history in the UK.

The company’s vision is, ‘Collate | Inform | Grow’.

,Nottingham News Centre frequently works in partnerships, as successful co-creators, contracted alongside larger media organisations and heritage institutions within the UK and overseas.

In partnership, we co-produce innovative heritage media content for both physical and online access and education.

Our services also include: heritage project management, EDI consultancy, heritage/history tv broadcast programme development and production, content consultancy, project ideas development, publishing, contributor/contact/network sourcing, project research, script writing & editing, post-production and evaluation support.

Nottingham News Centre provides equality diversity inclusion (EDI) support services and environmental sustainability activities to benefit local and global physical and online communities.

Client Testimonials

It’s been a real privilege to work with Norma Gregory at Nottingham News Centre, and to learn from the company’s  important work. She has generously supported our charity, and developed our learning, with flexibility, diligence and grace. Norma is a fantastic communicator, rightly passionate about her work, and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Company website: museumsnorthumberland.org.uk/woodhorn-museum/

Rowan Julie Brown

CEO, Woodhorn Mining Museum, Northumberland

The National Miners Museum for England have been delighted to work with Nottingham News Centre on the Black Miners Museum project. They have created gateways into communities and audiences that we may not have otherwise reached. Norma Gregory, director, is very proud of her heritage and brings this enthusiasm and passion through into everything she does. She has made us think again about how we interpret our collections and would gladly work with her again in the future.

Company website: www.ncm.org.uk


Anne Bradley

Curator (Social & Oral History), National Coal Mining Museum for England, The National Coal Mining Museum for England

Norma has a passion for giving media coverage to pressing issues around diversity and inclusion. What I really do appreciate is the fact that she really cares about personal individual journeys, taking quality time and patience to sit and listen to the respondent. Results of such are well-packaged and well-presented as evidenced by her online media content and broadcasting.

Pitman Browne

Author & Poet

Through working alongside Norma Gregory, I can vouch for her successful work in delivering the Black Miners Museum project. Additionally, I am aware of many other previous heritage projects Norma has carried out. I am also able to confirm she has pertinent knowledge of equality and diversity issues, strong interpersonal, communication and organisational skills. She is able to work to deadlines and is appropriately thoughtful in her work. To credit Norma, she is a very enterprising and intelligent individual with a strong feel for the importance of and understanding of the means to develop ways to ensure delivery of diversity in museum and heritage sector organisations – in interpretation terms and organisationally.

Rita McLean

Museums & Heritage Consultant, Former Director of Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery 2004-12

I recommend Norma Gregory at Nottingham News Centre to anyone looking for a reliable and focussed consultant to deliver a heritage project or other related projects, in a professional and competent manner. Norma rescued our Carnival Heritage project in 2013 and delivered an impressive outcome that we never thought possible, given the short time she was given. She is a dedicated archivist with a passion for creating awareness about events and individuals that enhances people’s knowledge of local and national history.

Company website: www.tuntum.co.uk

Richard Renwick MBE

CEO, Tuntum Housing Association, Nottingham

Norma Gregory has worked in partnership with The Common Room of the Great North as its Diverse Heritage Consultant since 2020. Norma has played a vital role in supporting the charity, to discover the diverse industrial heritage in the North East, UK and how this has impacted mining, engineering, science and innovation. Norma’s in-depth historical research has generated a wealth of valuable resources from stories of Frederick Douglass’ visit to Newcastle in 1846, to stories of black miners working the Northumberland Coalfield in the 20th century. These resources are and will continue to inform The Common Room’s strategy of engagement and core educational programme, to support the charity in diversifying and challenging the traditional industrial narrative told in the region.

This partnership has led to a long-term relationship between The Common Room and Nottingham News Centre, which aims to decolonise The Common Room’s archive and tell the stories that are representative of all of the communities which we engage with.

Company website: thecommonroom.org.uk


Emily Tench

Programme and Engagement Manager, The Common Room of the Great North, Newcastle, UK,

Norma Gregory, heritage leader at Nottingham News Centre CIC, is hard working and a motivated woman. She has the characteristics that will quickly move her forward in her business ventures.

Anika Vassell

Consultant, Teen-Behaviour.com Ltd

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